Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple Things

This past weekend I spent three days in one of my new favorite places. Rocky Fork Lake is about a half an hour south of Columbus and is home of the Shaw/Wise lake house. I must say that I never had a lake house growing up and at the rate of two teachers salaries in my current household I don't see one coming in the near future. After last week my wife told me that I needed to get away for the weekend with the boys after a long basketball season of ups and downs. So with that being said I jumped on that opportunity. So around 4 o'clock on a Friday I jumped in Wise's Xterra and we headed south. However, this was not a typical trip. We ended up driving in the car for five hours due to Columbus traffic and a snow storm that only a polar bear would welcome. This trip involved old stories of sand volleyball, high school athletics and Wise's new life of diaper changing. After 5 hours we were greeted by Brent's family and his brothers friends. It felt like a Griswold Family Christmas. For the first hour we joked, laughed and amused each other. We then ate 15lbs of steak and then made a bonfire on the lake (hence the picture above). The next two days we slept in, drank spirits, played Frisbee golf, and just appreciated doing nothing. We made the biggest deal out of the American Bobsled team winning the gold under the leadership of Steve Holcomb....Ooooo and I almost forgot I shot the potato gun on several occasions and won an intense game of spades. Yep, the simple things :)


  1. everything about the trip was simply amazing. Besides the 3 extra hours it took us to drive. The only thing you left out was the 1.5 gallon jug of Miller Lite we brought in tap form. Good job breaking the potato gun.....again.

  2. Your love/hate relationship with the potato gun is perplexing. I can't understand why you keep killing something you claim to care for.