Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple Things

This past weekend I spent three days in one of my new favorite places. Rocky Fork Lake is about a half an hour south of Columbus and is home of the Shaw/Wise lake house. I must say that I never had a lake house growing up and at the rate of two teachers salaries in my current household I don't see one coming in the near future. After last week my wife told me that I needed to get away for the weekend with the boys after a long basketball season of ups and downs. So with that being said I jumped on that opportunity. So around 4 o'clock on a Friday I jumped in Wise's Xterra and we headed south. However, this was not a typical trip. We ended up driving in the car for five hours due to Columbus traffic and a snow storm that only a polar bear would welcome. This trip involved old stories of sand volleyball, high school athletics and Wise's new life of diaper changing. After 5 hours we were greeted by Brent's family and his brothers friends. It felt like a Griswold Family Christmas. For the first hour we joked, laughed and amused each other. We then ate 15lbs of steak and then made a bonfire on the lake (hence the picture above). The next two days we slept in, drank spirits, played Frisbee golf, and just appreciated doing nothing. We made the biggest deal out of the American Bobsled team winning the gold under the leadership of Steve Holcomb....Ooooo and I almost forgot I shot the potato gun on several occasions and won an intense game of spades. Yep, the simple things :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Da Bears and Snoop Dogg

Anytime I feel down I watch this ESPN Commercial! Good Stuff!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates...You Never Know What Your Gonna Get???

As Tressel said today "I must be a real depressed person." Well its obvious why I am depressed.

11 Offensive Possessions

Ave. of 4.9 plays--24.1 yards

Ave. Start--OSU 39

First Down--20 plays (37%) for 42 yards

6 pass (30%)--2/6 for 30 yards

14 runs for 12 yards--0.9 ypc

Ave. gain of 2.1 yards

Second Down--20 plays (37%) for 184 yards

10 pass (50%)--7/10 for 133 yards 1 INT

10 runs (50%) for 51 yards 1 TD--5.1 ypc

Ave. of 10.0 yards to go

Ave. gain of 9.2 yards

Third Down--13 plays (24%) for 39 yards

7 pass (54%)--2/7 for 14 yards

6 runs (46%) for 25 yards--4.2 ypc

Ave. of 6.4 yards to go

Ave. gain of 3.0 yards

Conversions--4/13 (31%)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Something I found? This could have been left on Tressel's Desk

Dear Jim,

I love the job you do with the Ohio State Football Program. You understand
tradition, the importance of the Michigan rivalry, of Big Ten Championships,
and of developing our young people into fine adult citizens. I appreciate
the job you have done with recruiting talent from around the country as
well. Without these things we would not be a consistent top ten program. I
also loved reading, "The Winner's Manual," an outstanding guide to success.
I know you are a busy man, but if you could do one last thing for me I would
appreciate it a great deal, and it could even be used as an addendum to your
now famous book. When pursuing a career, do not forget the first step. It
usually has the numbers 101 behind it. In your case it would be Football
101. You have achieved great success despite missing this class which is
usually a prerequisite for other students of the game who wish to move on to
higher level classes. I'm sure a remedial course is offered at a large
public institution the likes of Ohio State. If you would do this one thing
or hire a tutor, in many parts of the country it is called a "coordinator,"
the likelihood of continued success would be greatly enhanced. Please be
reminded that I pay you a handsome salary and that I often have to justify
that salary to the many alumni and boosters who support us.


Dr. Gee

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One if by Land, Two if by Sea, or How about hold on to the ball for along time!!!

Does anyone see a problem with this for the upcoming weekend. True answers and sarcastic ones are welcome.

Second Down--22 plays (34%) for 138 yards

6 pass (27%)--3/6 for 37 yards

16 runs (73%) for 101 yards 2 TD--6.3 ypc

Ave. of 8.5 yards to go

Ave. gain of 6.3 yards

Third Down--12 plays (19%) for 67 yards

9 pass (75%)--6/9 for 66 yards 1 TD 1 INT

3 runs (25%) for 1 yard--0.3 ypc

Ave. of 8.8 yards to go

Ave. gain of 5.6 yards to go

Conversions--3/12 (25%)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Routine

Today I went to the OSU v. Navy like usual with my dad. The usual routine that my dad and I do on a buckeye saturday is quite a fabulous thing when this time of the year comes around. The routine has been the same since I was in elementary school and nothing has changed. Here is a run down of the typical Martin week.

Mon-Wed- Dad calls and talks about how the traffic is going to be horrible and states that more than likely we wont get a parking spot. Note to self: We have never got in bad traffic and we have always found a parking spot for the last 20 years. Maybe its because we get there 8 hours earlier than everyone else.

Thursday- Dad calls after he listens to Bucks Line on 610 WTVN with all of this information about the game. However, when he talks to my brother and I and tells us the info it was something that we knew from last year but we act like it was the biggest development that happened in years for his satisfaction.

Friday- Dad calls and says that the countdown is on and reconfirms that we are meeting at the butt crack of dawn. He then asks how long it takes to get to the Bob Evans at the top of 23 and 270 in Columbus. He has been driving that route for about 30 years so I think that he knows. But if you know my dad his two favorite things are to be on time and to know the weather every minute of the day. So yes, we are meeting at 8:15 at Bob Evans.

Saturday- Do the routine as stated from Monday-Friday.
8:15- 9:15- Eat Breakfast at the Fawcett Center
9:15-11:15- Beers at Riverwatch/Hineygate
11;15- Drag dad from the live bands to get him to the game so we can see the band ente
12:00- kickoff
First Half- Still hear dad say Zwick is still better than Troy Smith
Halftime- Meet under the band ramp with all of my old stadium buddies to talk about how we can never open up our play book and how much I have lost my hair.

2nd Half until we walk to the car- Watch OSU pull of a tight game because we cant blow anyone out and walk back because OSU fans are never satisfied

Sit in the AC when we get back in the car and it feels like cancun. During November its the heater. Either way it feels like I am in Cancun

Drop Dad back off at Bob Evans....where we say good bye and look forward to the same routine the next week.

Certains things are priceless.....